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[pdf] Instructions on FAC to the posts of MEOs& Sr.SA is Incharge HM RC.999 Dt.17-7-14.pdf
[pdf] 6 MRGs in each Mandal & Note on QLEP RC.19 Dt.14-7-14.pdf
[pdf] Revised Procedure for GPF Authorizations Memo.03.pdf
[pdf] Sri. Adhar Sinha is new Principal Secretary to Govt(SE&IE) GO.2596 Dt.14-7-14.pdf
[pdf] Mana TV Schedule-July 2014, 2.30pm to 3 pm.pdf
[pdf] PAT-Press Note-Application Form 2014.pdf
[pdf] Orientation Prgrm on U DISE&Certain Instructions RC.602 Dt.5-7-14.pdf
[pdf] Certain Precautions 2b taken in Schls during d ensuing Monsoon Season RC.707 Dt.3-7-14.pdf
[pdf] SCERT Teams for Academic Monitrng of SSA,RMSA, Edn Activities-Check Lists RC.203.pdf
[pdf] Ramzan 1 Hour Permission to Muslim Employees-Memo.654 .pdf
[pdf] SSA School Grants, Maintenance Grants Utilization Guidelines for 2014-15-Rc.07 .pdf
[pdf] Fin Dept Clarifications on Enhancemnt of Retirement Age to 60 Yrs Memo.4179.pdf
[pdf] Superannuation Age Enhanced frm 58 to 60 yrs in AP Public Emplymnt GO.147 Dt.30-6-14.pdf
[pdf] Act- No.4.of.2014 ENHANACE-RETIRE-AGE-60YRS.pdf
[pdf] RTI Act-Apntmnt of Appellate Authority,PIO,Asst PIO fr SE Dept GO.193 Dt.28-614.pdf
[pdf] Regulation of Age of Superannuation_Amendment Act-2014 GO.63 Dt.27-6-14.PDF
[pdf] Urdu Medium Schools wl run from 8am-1.30pm during Ramzan Rc.1 Dt.24-6-14.pdf
[pdf] No Tchr is deputed to the MPs,MLAs,MLCs&Chairmans of Corporation RC.3105.pdf
[pdf] Engaging Part Time Instructors-Dist wise Details.pdf
[pdf] Orientation trng thru Teleconf to HSHMs&Tchrs tching IX, X RC.95 Dt.1-6-14.pdf
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