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[pdf] State Best Teacher Award Application Form 2013-14.pdf
[pdf] State Awards&National Foundation for Teachers Welfare(TWF)Awards-2012.pdf
[pdf] State Advisory Council fr effective implementation of RTE Act,2009 GO.5 Dt.24-2-14.pdf
[pdf] Staff and Expenditure Sanctioned for 10th PRC GO.106 Dt.3-5-13.pdf
[pdf] State Best Teachers selected list-2014 &NFTW Awards-2014.pdf
[pdf] State Govt Rtd Emps 1 Day Basic to CM’s Relief Fund GO.181 Dt.2-7-13.pdf
[pdf] State matchng Share Budgt relsd fr implemntn of ICT schls GO.108 Dt.4-5-15.pdf
[pdf] State Teacher Awards-2013.pdf
[pdf] State Level Committe for State Best Teacher Awards GO.730 Dt.21-8-13.pdf
[pdf] Sri.Siva Subrahmanyam-SE Dept State Public Info Officer GO.518 Dt.7-5-13.PDF
[pdf] Sri. Adhar Sinha is new Principal Secretary to Govt(SE&IE) GO.2596 Dt.14-7-14.pdf
[pdf] Spl Focus Prgrm 2b implemntd in 470 low female litercy mdls GO.1275 Dt.25-10-13.pdf
[pdf] Spl CL on 21stFeb for MLC Electns Memo.258 Dt.29.1.13.pdf
[pdf] Special Education Fortnight Revised Schedule(9th to 21st July, 2012).pdf
[pdf] Spl Lang Test-Paper Code 37-Nov-2014 Session Results.pdf
[pdf] Spl Officer appointed to finalize the issue of Unifd Servc Rules GO.169 Dt.30-8-15.pdf
[pdf] Sri Tanguturi Prakasham Panthulu Jayanthi declard as State Function GO.2834 Dt.10-8-14.pdf
[doc] Spouse Transfer Memo..doc
[pdf] Spl.VVs PF ACs. Procdgs 25.10.2011.pdf
[pdf] Step Up Of Pay Instructions to all DEOs RC.172 Dt.2-4-13.pdf
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