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[pdf] 0_Promtion_Counciling_sept-10-Clarification_issued_RC.No.3032_dt.13-9-10.pdf
[pdf] 01..AIDED TEACHERS.GO MS113.pdf
[doc] 01..DSC-2008_GO.NO.112.doc
[doc] 01..Revised Orders Head Master Promotion.doc
[pdf] 1month Adv Salary to Seemaandhra Emplys of A.P.Secretariat GO.292 Dt.22-10-13.pdf
[pdf] 2 months Spl Adv Salaray sanctioned to APNGOs GO.298 Dt.29-10-13.pdf
[pdf] 2 percent Reservations to Sports Persons in Direct Recruitment GOMS.74 Dt.09.08.2012.pdf
[pdf] 2nd Qtr Budget fr Prmry&Secndry Schls Staff in Visakha& Vijaywda Mpl corportns.pdf
[pdf] 2ndQtr Budgt of Aided Tchng&NonTchng of Prim,Sec,Snskrt,Arbc&Hndi Vdylys.pdf
[pdf] 3day trng prgrm to UP Level Teachers(SAs,LPs) in Nov-2013 RC.118 Dt.17-10-13.pdf
[pdf] 6 MRGs in each Mandal & Note on QLEP RC.19 Dt.14-7-14.pdf
[pdf] 7New Govt Residential Polytechnics from 2013-14 GO.20 Dt.23-3-13.pdf
[doc] 9th PRC COMMISSION_GO.MS.NO52 Dt.25-02-2010.doc
[pdf] 9th PRC Fixation Guidelines Memo.No. 33327, Dt. 13-03-2010.pdf
[pdf] 10th PRC Questionaire.pdf
[docx] 25-Estt-III-2015 Model PS-Transfer relieving guidlines 31-10-2015.docx
[pdf] 26thJan-2014 Working Day is changed to 30thMarch-2014 in 13 Seemandhra Dists Rc.31.pdf
[pdf] 27 percent Interim Relief to State Govt Emplys w.e.f 1-1-14 GO.10 Dt.6-1-14.PDF
[pdf] 27percent Interim Relief to Pensioners w.e.f 1-1-14 GO.11 Dt.9-1-14.PDF
[pdf] 33 Compensated Working Days in 13 Seemandhra Dists RC.31 Dt.19-10-13.pdf
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