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[pdf] Opening of New PS&UP Schools Approved for 2014-15 RC.47 Dt.31-5-14.pdf
[pdf] RVM Outsourcing Staff Remuneration Enhanced wef 1-6-14 Rc.660 Dt.30-5-14.pdf
[pdf] If refuse promtn for 2nd time will Loose Promotion Right GO.227Dt.30-5-14.PDF
[pdf] Amendment in DEECET (DIET CET) Admisn Guidelines GO.22 Dt.29-5-14.PDF
[pdf] New HOD DDO Codes for Residual AP GO.116 Dt.21-5-14.PDF
[pdf] Guidelines fr Pre_Matric Scholarships in SW Dept fr 2014-15 GO.52 Dt.23-5-14.pdf
[pdf] DSE asked Particulars of Non-Relieving tchrs of May2013 RC.1485 Dt.22-5-14.pdf
[pdf] Receipts&Paymnts APGIS-1984 Scheme undr 1Head of Ac GO.110 Dt.19-5-14.PDF
[pdf] Continutn of Existng Admsn Quotas fr 10yrs in AP&TG GO.178 Dt.18-5-14.PDF
[pdf] Maternity Leave Enhncd to 180 days for SW Dept Emplys GO.50 Dt.17-5-14.PDF
[pdf] DR to Pensnrs enhncd frm 63.344 pc to 71.904 pc wef 1-1-2014 GO.103 Dt.15-5-14.pdf
[pdf] DA enhncd frm 63.344 pc to 71.904 pc wef 1-1-2014 GO.102 Dt.14-5-14.PDF
[pdf] Examination Reforms for IX&X from 2014-15 GO.17 Dt.14-5-14.PDF
[pdf] Paymnt of Encashmnt of EL,HPL,GIS by 24-5-14 fr Emplys retiring on 31-5-14 GO.99 Dt.8-5-14.pdf
[pdf] SSC-Adv Supplmntry Exam duty 2HMs,Clerical Staff RC.132.pdf
[pdf] CLs, Spl CLs, Maternity, Paternity Leave to Model School Teachers Rc.1777.pdf
[pdf] Admissions of Bills under GH 12 Memo.999.pdf
[pdf] One Day Salary of 1-6-14 wl b paid alongwth d salary of May-2014 GO.95 Dt.6-5-14.pdf
[pdf] GIS Savings-Revised Tables from 1-4-2014 to 31-3-2015 GO.90 Dt.1-5-14.PDF
[pdf] Sanction of Spl CL to POs and APOs on the next day of Poll GO.119 Dt.25-4-14.PDF
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