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[pdf] Commite constitutd on shiftng of Ofcrs of Heads of Depts frm Hyd to AP GO.3128 Dt.13-9-14.pdf
[pdf] Group of Minstrs constitutd to review Contractual Emplymnt System GO.3080 Dt.9-9-14.pdf
[pdf] Revised Instructions & Lifting of Ban on Trnsfrs up to 10thOct-2014 GO.186 Dt.5-9-14.pdf
[pdf] Further Guidelines on Summative-I Q.Papers Preparation RC.27 Dt.2-9-14.pdf
[pdf] Dist wise Vacancies for 7671 Academic Instructors RC.875 Dt.30-8-14.pdf
[pdf] Responsibilities of SMCs,HM on Cleaning Surroundings in Schools Memo.1607 Dt.28-8-14.pdf
[pdf] State Best Teachers selected list-2014 &NFTW Awards-2014.pdf
[pdf] Constitution of State Level Committee fr State Awards to Tchrs for 2014 GO.213 Dt.28-8-14.pdf
[pdf] Engagement of 7671 Academic Instructors for 3months GO.214 Dt.28-8-14.pdf
[pdf] Radio Lessons I-V classes- September-2014 Schedule.pdf
[pdf] Revised Guidelines to Conduct School Complexes for PS&UPS RC.23.pdf
[pdf] Claiming of Medical Reimbrsmnt Bills of Pensioners in old system GO.121 Dt.25-8-14.pdf
[pdf] Communication of Model-Summative-I Papers RC.143 Dt.23-8-14.pdf
[pdf] Performance Indicators for Teachers&PINDICS-Formats RC.25 Dt.23-8-14.pdf
[pdf] Radio Lessons I-V classes- August-2014 Schedule.pdf
[pdf] Further Instructions issued on Lifting of Ban on transfers GO.176 Dt.21-8-14.pdf
[pdf] Lifting of ban on transfers up to 30th Sep-2014 GO.175 Dt.19-8-14.pdf
[pdf] New Timings for PS, UP&High Schools in AP-Instructions to DEOs Lr.No.141.pdf
[pdf] NMMS Exam, Nov-2014-Application Form.pdf
[pdf] Sri Tanguturi Prakasham Panthulu Jayanthi declard as State Function GO.2834 Dt.10-8-14.pdf
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